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Is this you?

We all have differences to our life circumstances and yet there are ...

Healing the Inner/Outer and Inner/Inner Split

There I was, in front of this group of people involved in ...

Learn How To Become Safely Embodied

Learn tips on how to: – decrease anxiety – calm your body ...

31+Days of Gratitude: Lessons Learned

Research tells us that gratitude can give us a better life. With that in mind, I practiced 31 days of gratitude during which I realized I’m grateful to be on the path with you, inspired by you.  I’m grateful for the healing path attachment theory points us to. Hopefully this simple video expresses my gratitude. […]

Still Here: Caregivers and Dementia [Safe Space Radio Special]

    This hour-long special on Safe Space Radio is about the unspoken challenges of caring for a family member with dementia. The show explores the experience of ambiguous loss, where the person is both here and not here at the same time. Through stories, we explore why caregivers have such high rates of isolation […]

What to do when triggered …..

   After a life of living with shame I know it’s possible to heal. For fun, I created a “calling card” with my current status! Find out more at the Brattleboro Retreat Workshop, September 23, 2016 Recently we had some beloved family over who have a 15 year old son.  It was wonderful to see them. […]

Healing Power of Compassion in Men’s Lives ~ Edward Adams

Dr. Edward Adams talks about how to elicit men’s compassion towards themselves and others. I met Ed Adams at a Compassion Focused Therapy workshop led by Paul Gilbert.  This post was previously published in the Good Men Project.  Post reprinted with permission from Edward Adams. Ben was a wounded man. His wife divorced him to marry […]

Shame Heals?

“Shame, this horrible overwhelming experience that takes me down, you’re telling me this can lead me to healing?   Now I know you’ve gone off the deep end.” If you’re looking for this article — I goofed! Here’s the link for that one : click here   Christina, a long term client of mine, certainly wasn’t […]

Shame is a developmental wound

Below is an excerpt from my book coming out in January, 2017 from Norton Publishing. To attend a day long workshop @Brattleboro Retreat September 23 click here ”Those god-awful moments of shame take over in a nanosecond. Anyone who has had the experience of shame can recall the acute experience, the physiological horror of wanting […]

My jaw dropped when I read this. I still need to practice!

  I finally turned in my manuscript to Norton Publishing.  Yes, a year late.  After I turned it in I was worried that the editor would tell me I needed to re-write it, I hadn’t done what they wanted.  You name it, I worried about it. Well, above is an excerpt from the note he wrote me when he […]

Emotional Granularity – The work of Lisa Feldman Barrett

Emotional granularity offers an important concept to those healing from trauma and attachment wounding. Emotional granularity, the work of Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor at Northeastern University,  includes being able to differentiate between positive and negative emotions as well as discriminating between high and low arousal emotions. You see, if we don’t evolve our […]

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