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Embodied Practices

Simple. Practical, Concrete Skills to calm your body, ease your mind, and ...

Is this you?

We all have differences to our life circumstances and yet there are ...

Healing the Inner/Outer and Inner/Inner Split

There I was, in front of this group of people involved in ...

Learn How To Become Safely Embodied

Learn tips on how to: - decrease anxiety - calm your body ...

Hedgehog and Turblence: Steady steps toward a better life

Illustration by T. who wrote one of the emails below describing what’s in the image. Can you find the Hedgehog?  Where’s the hedgehog!!!! With gratitude I acknowledge all the people in the Becoming Safely Embodied™ course. Everyone’s questions and comments helped me to think more deeply about the material. I continue to be awed at […]

The Importance of Naming Your Emotions – NYT article

Life@Work article reposted from The New York Times, April 3, 2015  by Tony Schwartz  “How are you feeling?” Those are the four deceptively simple words with which my colleagues and I regularly begin our meetings and our training sessions at other organizations. People ask the question to each other, one at a time. We don’t mean, “How […]

Amy Weintraub’s 2015 KYTA Keynote

Simple Practices to start the New Year off right:  Lesson’s learned from Amy Weintraub and LifeForce Yoga   The new calendar rolls around.  Time to make some changes, right?  Well, here are some helpful practices that I’ve learned from Amy Weintraub one of my main yoga teachers over the past 30 years. Finding Your True […]

Giving Thanks, especially in times of mistakes

  Aggghhhhh.   Some days are just like that.  You know, when mistakes, boo-boo’s and other misfortunes keep happening.  Monday was one of those days for me.  I don’t know about you, but I hate making mistakes.  On Monday, not only did I make one mistake, but I had to stop counting.  It’s generally not […]

[Research] “Psychologist explores how meaningfulness cultivates well-being.” October 23rd, 2014

Time and money spent on meaningful choices is often associated with lasting positive consequences, according to a Stanford professor. Jennifer Aaker, a social psychologist at Stanford Graduate School of Business, recently organized a collection of research papers on meaningfulness for the Journal of Consumer Research. In her own research, Aaker, the General Atlantic Professor of […]

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