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Embodied Practices

Simple. Practical, Concrete Skills to calm your body, ease your mind, and ...

Is this you?

We all have differences to our life circumstances and yet there are ...

Healing the Inner/Outer and Inner/Inner Split

There I was, in front of this group of people involved in ...

Learn How To Become Safely Embodied

Learn tips on how to: – decrease anxiety – calm your body ...

What makes a good trauma therapist?

  Monday I got an email from someone I respect very much asking me for some referrals.  One of his questions was, “What makes a good trauma therapist?” Good, good, good question.  An important one. Here’s the list I came up with.  I’m wondering what you think and if I’ve covered it all. What would […]

Preview the book! Quick glimpse into the process

With my heart full of thanks — Here’s a brief preview video of my book as it get ready for delivery to Norton Publishing. Well, that was before I had another brainstorm on shifting and adding a few things. I did a wonderful workshop with Deb Dana on the Polyvagal Theory which clarified the science […]

Hacking the nervous system – Polyvagal

Hacking the nervous system One nerve connects your vital organs, sensing and shaping your health. If we learn to control it, the future of medicine will be electric. By Gaia Vince. Listen to or download an audiobook of this story on SoundCloud This article first appeared on Mosaic and is republished here under a Creative Commons […]

Research: Using Virtual Reality to Embody Compassion

Are you a gamer?  Maybe you like solitaire or mahjong or tetris or bejeweled?  Or maybe you like to immerse yourself in some of the more elaborate stories and games developed by the billion dollar game industry. Research has also shown that how we represent the body in our minds is extremely plastic – meaning […]

Completing 2015. Reaching for 2016.

It’s that time. The calendar changes offering us a period of reflection, exploring who we want to be in the next year. Being able to explore and reach are key indicators of earning secure, solid ground inside ourselves. For those people with difficult histories, lives, it’s important to actively cultivate the body-heart-mind’s impulse to reach. […]

Glasgow, Scotland Workshops – April 2016

Glasgow, Scotland Workshops – April 2016

Organizing the Disorganized Inner World: Deepening embodiment training integrating attachment theory and BSE skills Even well-functioning people can suffer from a disorganized inner world never having learned the basic building blocks of a solid, secure sense of self. This two-day training builds on the basic Becoming Safely Embodied Skills using embodied attachment theory to deepen […]

When things don’t work out…. I have to practice what I preach

You may have heard about the terrible storms that hit the United States this past week. Flooding, tornadoes, people died. Okay, nothing like that happened to me.  But I got caught in the maelstrom flying back to Boston. The ripple effects of flights cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled again.  It took me 40 hours to get home […]

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