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Is this you?

We all have differences to our life circumstances and yet there are ...

Healing the Inner/Outer and Inner/Inner Split

There I was, in front of this group of people involved in ...

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Rubber Hand Experiment

Multi-sensory perception. What does that have to do with healing trauma & attachment? Actually a lot. You see… if we can “feel” a rubber hand as if it’s our own, well, then, we can add one more component – our imagination – and activate multi-sensory perception and remap our internal experience. Yes, it takes work. […]

The Science Behind Yoga and Stress

reblogged from Uplift by DR M STORONI MD PhD The Science behind Yoga and Stress What does bending your body into yoga poses do to your brain chemistry and nerve connections? There are two functional parts of the brain that play a key role in stress. These serve the functions of emotion and cognitive function. So I am calling them […]

Kindness can protect you….

Research indicates positive emotions like kindness build physical health, slowing down the aging process, lowering inflammation and free radicals although how this works continues to be a mystery.  This research study had participants practice metta or loving kindness meditation to self-generate positive emotions through the twisting path of the vagus nerve which regulates heart rate changes […]

What’s the World Cup got to do with Healing?

The first 15 minutes were absolutely mesmerizing. Stunning. The first goal by Carli Lloyd within minutes, followed quickly by another goal (Lloyd), a third by Holiday — and then the goal to be remembered, Carli Lloyd from midfield into the goal.  Jaw dropping.  With that Carli Lloyd completed a hat-trick, a term used in sports […]

Reach Out to Let Go

                Between Two Mountains | Tricycle Originally published in Tricycle Magazine, Spring 2002 For all the horror and trauma that terrorism creates, its lasting power resides in the largely irrational fear we create and then magnify with our minds. Today, statistics show that airplanes are twenty-two times safer […]

Pixar’s Animated Movie: Inside Out

  The vibrant Internal Family Systems community organized a pre-screening of Pixar’s animated movie Inside Out which was great fun to see with colleagues.  Set in the mind of an 11 year old girl Inside Out explores  the voices in our heads. It’s based on part on the research of Paul Ekman on emotions.  Delightful, touching — […]

Attach and Give Your Brain a Break – Jon Allen

Complex as they may be, the gist of the findings is elegant and important: the more the woman was on her own while she was feeling threatened, the greater the number of brain areas showing elevated activity. The brain was least active when the woman was holding her husband’s hand and most active when she had no hand to hold. Moreover, even though all couples had a good relationship, the women who were in a less satisfying relationship showed more elevated brain activity when holding their husband’s hand than those who were in a more satisfying relationship.

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