The story that woke my soul and opened my heart

This is what I want for you – to know deep inside that you are returning back to the center of your soul. That you are guided from within.
But, for many of us, our developmental need as a child went unmet.
Every child on the planet should have people outside them to help them know who they are inside. That’s how a self is developed, from the outside meeting the needs inside.
So, in our present moment as an adult, we continue to look to the outside, wanting the outside world to change so that our inner world will shift.
But as an adult, we have a different developmental task: we need to know ourselves on the inside so that we can better interact with the outside.
So there’s this chasm between the child’s developmental task and our adult developmental task.
Our adult developmental task is be guided from within, to know ourselves, or to remember (which is the story I tell in the video) even as you’ve forgotten the path you need to take.
Those of us with trauma and attachment wounding have another opportunity — to know that trauma is our modern day bodhisattva training – our moment to moment training in transforming suffering into compassion.
As we grow and develop we realize that every little shift that happens is a micro version of transformation.
We put these micro moments together, moment by moment, and soon – yes, we are a different person.
You’ve had moments like this, where you get glimmers of what’s possible.
It’s the absolute certain outcome of the healing path to return back to yourself. To be landed in your heart. To be guided from within.
There is also no doubt that it’s hard. It is.
And yet, as you, as we, keep exploring and opening to the possibility, life changes.
The first, and sometimes the hardest shift, is to remember that our heart is the healing center of gravity.
If we stay in our heads we’ll live in our fears, our negative predictions of the future, gathering all the evidence from our history to validate the sure and horrible future.
This is the place where our attachment patterns are carved into us.
These are the patterns that can be shifted, where we can heal those attachment wounds where we didn’t get what we needed from out there, leaving us with gaping holes inside.
And yet,those gaping holes don’t have to be that way.
That’s why, in the video, I talk about the moment that was powerful to me – to realize my soul was communicating, had already left a message in my heart.
My task was – and continues to be – to learn the language of my heart, decoding it, allowing myself to be guided from within, through my resistance, protest, and fears so that I can arrive where my soul has been urging me to go from the beginning.
This is true for you as well. It’s true for all of us.
It’s out of this (sorry this is getting so long winded) that the Safely Embodied Learning Community is coming from.
It’s about finding a place, filled with people who are committed, connected, compassionate, kind, open, non-defensive, willing to take responsibility, to see themselves in all the good and bad.
It’s about learning the skills so you can be who you have always wanted to be, in a safe environment.
It’s about taking what you’re learning into the world so you can reduce your isolation, creating, instead, connection around you – and in you.
Obviously, I know this process well. I’ve lived every piece of it.
And actually, I still do – the difference is (and this is what’s absolutely possible for you) is I don’t as caught, as often, in those places.
I’ve learned to shift, to pivot much easier and much faster.
All of what I teach, all of the skills I offer you are proven not just from my life but from thirty years of watching hundreds, maybe thousands of people use them and shift their lives.
It comes from over 13 years of training in attachment theory. Over 35 years of trauma training. And of course, applying it to my own life.
And you know, it’s not like these came to me out of the blue – but they are how I distilled the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga, meditation, Sufis, and the mystical traditions to apply them to healing trauma and attachment wounds.
Truly this idea of creating community comes from hearing so many of you say you want more. You want to deepen, practice, and continue to see the changes in your life grow. I want that for you too.
So let me know — Does this connect with you? Is this what you’re looking for? Is there something you want added? Changed? Different?
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