Professional Training starts Jan 2018


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Join us in Portland, Maine for three weekends exploring the profound intersection of Trauma, Attachment & Yoga psychology. We start in January, 2018. This experiential training is an opportunity to explore ways to heal trauma and developmental wounding. We do this by creating and embodying felt experiences of secure attachment that encourage natural expression. By exploring practices to positively heal trauma and embody secure attachment in a safe and nourishing environment new "facilitated pathways" are formed (as the neuroscientists say), making it easier to use when you really need them. Not only is the training practical and skills based but uses current research in attachment and trauma woven together with yogic psychology to give you a felt sense of secure attachment. Taking theoretical concepts we will open the door to an embodied experience through experiential learning. Most importantly we’ll use our time together to experience how to repair attachment ruptures with ourselves and with other people by investigating and re-organizing the Internal Working Models (Bowlby) that are implicitly propelling our lives. We're not content to know the patterns -- it's vital, for a satisfying life to shift those patterns so you can live the life you want to live.
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