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Becoming Safely Embodied

links to find out more information

I thought I’d put all the links together so you can find them in an easy way!



Information: Becoming Safely Embodied Workshop for Professionals (Portland, Maine)  click here

Registration:  for the Becoming Safely Embodied Workshop for Professionals (Portland, Maine) click here 

To read unedited feedback and comments from people who have taken the Becoming Safely Embodied Course live and online click here



Walking through the triggered zone  click here

Using the BSE skills with experiences of fear  click here

Being Present and Getting Unstuck click here

Interrupting Our Destructive Emotions click here 

To read Janina Fisher, PhD’s Foreword to the Becoming Safely Embodied Manual click here 



To see Chicago therapist, Michelle Rieff, talk about her experiences using the BSE skills click here and here

psycho-educational video:  Working with Overwhelming Emotions

psycho-educational video: Change Happens in the Moment

psycho-educational video: Decreasing Reactivity

psycho-educational video: Calming your body, Training your mind,  Opening your heart

To buy a Becoming Safely Embodied Manual at a discounted price click here



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