Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Training for Professionals -London, Ontario Nov 18-19, 2013


Becoming Safely Embodied

A Mindfulness-Skill Based Approach to Working With

Trauma and Attachment

2-day Workshop for Health Care Professionals

in London, Ontario, Canada / November 18-19, 2013

It’s so simple to say, “Be in your body.”  Yet, being in a body that’s been through any kind of trauma is not a simple proposition at all.

Years ago, after living and teaching at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, I remembered teaching simple yoga asanas to people who had trauma symptoms.  I realized it wasn’t so simple.  I started to find component pieces that gave people baby steps to help them enter their bodies, safely.

The Becoming Safely Embodied Skills are just that: simple, concrete, practical skills people can practice on their own between therapy sessions to help them free themselves from physiological distress.

Using mindfulness and concentration as the foundation the BSE  approach is dedicated to helping clients with a traumatic or disorganized experience of life gain control over their internal world by giving structured practices they can use between therapy sessions.

To hear Deirdre interviewed by Dr. Anne Hallward on Safe Space Radio click here

 As a therapist you’ll learn skills such as:

  • skillfully adapt concentration and mindfulness practices
  • separate facts from feelings / interpretations
  • using different moralities to work in the body (art therapy, movement, etc) to support your client in getting in touch with cultivating satisfying experiences
  • cultivating mindfulness in the face of feeling triggered
  • manage overwhelming feelings by standing at the crossroads of experience
  • creating choice points which support emotional freedom

Based on the current theories of trauma, attachment, mindfulness/compassion practices, this workshop will be put together in an easy to understand way using uncomplicated language. The workshop will be experiential which allows you to  learn how to use these practical, concrete skills with your clients immediately after the workshop.


Here’s what different clients have said about the BSE skills:

  • I could arrest uncomfortable body sensations when I realized what was on my mind
  • I could connect with my body; notice sensations before they escalated to
  • Distinguishing between thoughts, feelings, and body sensations was most helpful and is something that I need to work on more.  I’m glad to now know what to do
  • Learning to watch rather than react; learning to slow down my body so it’s not completely at the mercy of my “head”; learning to say, “hold on!  it’s my body’s turn now!”
  • [Regarding using  art]  I didn’t know I had so many “nice” things I’d want to _______.  I didn’t know the negative stuff could be visualized and “contained”.
  • Learning to hold the polarities was extremely helpful.  All the work with “holding” and two realities was very useful. 
  • Art therapy exercises surprised me because I really was able to make realizations about the way I think and feel through them.  
  • The most helpful exercises were ones where we wrote things down or did dictation with partners and then pushed our assumptions to the limit. 
  • I came to realize that the move from my body to my mind when I am afraid or anxious is so quick I can usually not even detect it. 
  • The images I created tended to have some type of hope in them that materialized without my realizing it.  I don’t think I lack hope, but I forget that is why I continue to work on these issues and seek out groups….
  • I was surprised that I would always gain some type of small insight even though I felt very uncomfortable participating.

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I hope this feel’s “right” to you and that you’ll come join us in London, Ontario.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me.   To register or find out more information click here.

Deirdre Fay, MSW, has a private practice in Arlington, MA integrating trauma and attachment theories with yoga and meditation to support people in entering their bodies safely.  A frequent speaker and workshop leader internationally Deirdre has integrated her thirty plus years of meditation and yoga to create The Becoming Safely Embodied Skills, Embodied Practices, and Becoming Safely Attached Skills which are now used individually and with groups throughout the world.


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