2017 Workshops, Trainings, Conferences

2017 Workshops, Courses, Trainings & Conferences

with Deirdre Fay

January – May, 2017   Trauma, Attachment & Yoga Training (Watertown, MA)

Training sold out



April 28-29, 2017        Harvard Conference for Meditation & Psychotherapy  (Boston, MA)

 Deirdre’s keynote:  Safely Embodied: Trust and Attachment in the Healing of Trauma

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July, 2017                    Meditation Skills for Trauma & Attachment Wounding  Online

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Late September, 2017   Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Training  Online  find out more here

September 22, 2017     Embodied Attachment Introduction: Transform Stuck Patterns into Life                                                          Affirming Connections   [Portland, Maine]  email Deirdre to be put on an                                                          interest list


October 16-18, 2017    Compassionate Mind Foundation (Birmingham, UK)

Deirdre’s keynote: Clinical Skills: Compassion and Body Focused Approaches to Working with Attachment and Trauma

January, 2018             Six Functions of Attachment (Cork, Ireland)

Becoming Safely Embodied & Embodied Attachment Introduction (Cork, Ireland)

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