Embodied Practices

New Course Starting October, 2013!

Simple. Practical, Concrete Skills to calm your body, ease your mind, and open your heart.

What would it be like to be peacefully at one with yourself and with your life?

You have a life that works….at least, on the outside.

But there’s an inner split that wants to be healed.

There’s a feeling of disconnection, and perhaps even a sense that if anyone knew what really went on inside you, they might not like or respect you anymore. And you’re tired of struggling to hide your vulnerability behind the masks of your doing well, being responsible and competent.

You dream of being in partnership with your life, instead of in conflict with it.

What would it be like to find quietness, calm your body, and experience peace? How would it feel to discover the natural strength that comes from wholeness, authenticity, and self-awareness? After being under stress for many years, your body responds in habituated ways. Then that becomes the apparently normal experience within which you live.

The Embodied Practices Training Course offers simple, easy ways to safely enter into your body … and discover healing.

Slowing it all down makes it possible to re-integrate the disconnected pieces of yourself without overwhelm.

Slowing it all down is what the Embodied Practices Training Course is all about. The course is made up of six modules, delivered electronically over six weeks. Each module focuses on a specific aspect of your experience – and includes audio recordings to guide you, gently and safely, through the 13 Practices.

The Practices are based on my own experiences as I continue to walk this path after 37 years. Thirty years ago, they were my path back into myself out of my own deep memories of giving up hope, despairing of ever finding the peace I yearned for. In my 20 years of working as a psychotherapist and healer, they’ve helped guide my clients and students back into their own experiences of wholeness.

Here’s what one person said:

My work with the Becoming Safely Embodied practices has become a part of my daily experience of living. Recently my two daughters remarked on how different I seem, positively dealing with life and seeming happy some of the time. I was quite shocked when they told me this, I hadn’t realized how my ‘reactions’ to everything have been so attached to my past that negativity seeped through and others were seeing this in me. ~ B. United Kingdom

To read more and find out more about the Embodied Practices Course click here

Here’s a short video I put together to let you know more about the Embodied Practices Course

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