It only takes a few Moments

Those Moments add up, one by one, creating a better day/week/life. 

Research tells us we can shift our life, one Moment at a time. 

We just have to be in the Moment. And that's what this free gift is all about - harnessing the power of each Moment.

As you add those Moments up you'll soon find you're having a better life!

You'll get a daily email and/or video from Deirdre Fay, the founder of Safely Embodied, to encourage, support, and motivate you -- all completely free.

You'll find this especially helpful going through the complications of the holiday season.

  • release triggers and live in a calmer body 
  • dissolve reactivity into reflective attention 
  • come out of isolation into healthy connection 
  • disorganized inner life into putting pieces together 
  • overwhelm into manageable pieces 
  • feeling lost into belonging 
  • hopelessness into trust 
  • defended into exploring  
  • collapsing into safely stretching out of comfort zone 
  • shut down into safe emotional awareness 
  • resistance into trusting yourself, your instincts & motivation 
  • feeling like a loser into knowing 
  • feeling like a loser into knowing your own value & contribution 
  • feeling like a failure into knowing mistakes arise as guidance 
  • confusion into step by step ways to get where you want to go 
  • conflict into repair and fulfilling relationships