Split Screen

One of the best things about the Working With Parts Teleseminar Series is how much I am reminded of helpful tools.    So far we’ve had the good fortune of hearing from:  Fran Grossman and her Relational Model of parts Janina Fisher speaking about Structural Dissociation and how she uses the model to work with parts Claire […]

Inspiration Experiment

    This isn’t, of course, to downplay our need to be deeply heard and witnessed in what hurts.  But perhaps if we balance what hurts with what is meaningful and inspirational, perhaps then we’ll have some room to breathe.    As usual, you know I love hearing your stories.  I’d love to read your […]

Empathy and Attunement at a Car Mechanic Shop

Yesterday, my colleague Carol Goldman, LICSW sent out an email to all of us who were at an Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples workshop. We all got into this wonderful place of resonance.  Carol’s way of being shines through in this interaction.  It’s beautiful and I asked her permission to share it with you.  Here […]

Yoga Inspiration

One of the people I knew when I lived at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health was Marilyn Gilmore who is  now involved in spreading the benefits of yoga through a non-profit she helped set up in Missouri.  Marilyn is in her 70’s and is a total inspiration for me.  I hope you enjoy the article. http://www.news-leader.com/article/20100417/LIFE07/4170301/1004/life

Getting Centered When Things Are Off-Kilter

  Last night the wind howled and rain poured.  I woke up in the middle of the night listening, feeling a bit hypervigilant.  Then realized I couldn’t go back to sleep.  My awareness was outside caught by the storm. I began to meditate, or tried to.  My mind wasn’t focusing even as I set up […]

Miracles of Everyday Life

Last night I boarded an overnight flight from Boston to Heathrow en route to Scotland where I’m leading a workshop tomorrow.   I don’t usually like flying overnight if I can avoid it.  I had parts grumbling anticipating the flight. As I listened to my internal grumbles and whining I caught myself and determined to shift my […]

What’s working?

I’m working behind the scenes to find ways to support you as you heal.  As we speak, I’m putting some finishing touches on a teleconference series of wonderful speakers.  Getting people to confirm a time has been a project in itself! In the meantime I was thinking about how much easier it is to move […]

Inspiration comes where you least expect it

Inspiration comes in many interesting forms.  Today it came to me through the magazine Fast Company and their February issue.  I actually have the book the excerpt is from, Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.  As it is at times, I didn’t remember reading it in […]

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