This Precious Moment

  A nightmare woke me. I have them rarely at this point in my life (thank goodness.) But this horrid dream was with me, lingering. I felt myself at odds, disrupted, not wanting to sleep, afraid I would reinhabit that world. Rattled I could think of nothing to do, so I sat and watched the […]

We Can Change

I’m doing a lot of reading and learning as I prepare to bring the Becoming Safely Embodied Skills into an online format.  In the last few years I have been fascinated with the new thinking and research on brain development and neuroplasticity.  Huh?  Basically that means that the brain can change – we can change. What […]

Attachment is coming

It’s in attachment theory that I have found the psychological basis for what I’ve already known professionally.  The last two years I have studied with Daniel Brown, PhD to understand the incredibly rich material of attachment that John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth developed. This week I’m at Sue Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy for couples, exploring […]

Meditation gone awry and found again

This morning as I sat intending to focus my mind I found instead the wild elephant of old.  This mind of mine was pushing and pulling completely chaotic and disruptive.  I watched my mind careen down path after path captivated by whatever arising disruption was occurring. What happened to my steady breath?  Gone.  I was, […]

About This Blog

About This Blog

This blog is for you. It’s about being in the process of belonging to your self, your heart, and this world.  It’s about reconnecting to what you find important and vital. It’s about healing from attachment wounds, traumatic activation and dissociation.  It’s about repairing the hurt that keeps us separate and alone. Years ago I […]

Avatar in the healing of trauma

Avatar in the healing of trauma

What a way to start out the New Year — or this new decade — by seeing Avatar. I saw it on New Year’s Eve. It completely opened up my world. It was like I popped by head outside the Cosmic Egg (a la Joseph Chilton Pearce) into a rich, vibrant, dynamic world that was […]

Welcome to the Safely Embodied Blog

I decided to give wordpress a try after hearing so much about it.  I have a blog on that is through blogger ( but it doesn’t have all the component pieces I wanted.  So here I am fresh in a new decade trying it out. I’m also wanting to create a space to offer […]

Summer Course

  May, 2015 – Module 1 To start us off I thought I would give an overview of what I want to cover in the next months introducing you to this rather large combination of topics.  I’ve included two videos for this module, the first one is in large part about attachment with a short […]

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