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Here’s an amazing opportunity to have a discussion with one of the ...

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Cheryl Richardson LIVE – right here Feb 23rd 2-3 pm ET

Here’s an amazing opportunity to have a discussion with one of the best coaches around: Cheryl Richardson! She’s going to be joining us for a conversation on Friday, February 23, 2018 from 2-3 pm. Join us for this conversation. Here’s the link to register so you’ll get reminder emails (plus you’ll get information on how […]

Calming & Opening Heart-Mind Free Webinar

Learn how to open your heart through the healing process – and keep it open despite the complications of life Here’s the link to join Developing ways to calm and form gratitude for the struggles of life as you grown and change Change? Really? In a safe way? I’m about to do an interview with […]

The story that woke my soul and opened my heart

This is what I want for you – to know deep inside that you are returning back to the center of your soul. That you are guided from within. But, for many of us, our developmental need as a child went unmet. Every child on the planet should have people outside them to help them […]

“…major contribution that Fay has made….”

“…major contribution that Fay has made….”

  I’m thrilled to share a recent book review by an Australian magazine, PsychCritics about my new book Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation for Trauma Recovery. The review positioned the book against other trauma theorists van der Kolk, Chu, Herman, and Ogden and say I’m making a major contribution. Here’s the highlights from the review: “if […]

fuel the heart of the world runs on

I had this weird, crazy dream the other night that woke me up with a malevolent energy. In that in between world I could feel the pull to disturbing worlds. It took a conscious effort to shift into remembering another world, one in which people are sincere, authentic, committed to a path of connection and […]

Building Community

I Need your Input on Building Community The end of the year can be a season of disruption, confusion, and overwhelm. It can be hard on us. At the same time I’m watching people in the Becoming Safely Embodied Online Skills Course build community and connection with each other. I want that for everyone! Research […]

The wish the elders gave Elli

Elli Tholouli is a colleague in Athens, Greece who wrote this beautiful reflection after coming home from work one day.  It seemed a perfect story about Thanksgiving (our upcoming US holiday).  I asked Elli’s permission to share it with you.  And would love to hear your reflections to share with Elli. Athens, 15th November 2017 […]

Becoming Safely Embodied Online Skills Course Registration ends soon!

Becoming Safely Embodied Online Skills Course Registration ends soon! Click here to find out more information and to register The Becoming Safely Embodied Skills are designed to help you organize what’s confusing and disorienting so you can live a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Each one of the BSE Skills were created to help calm […]

Three secrets in healing. First there’s PROTEST

Ever hear yourself say, “It shouldn’t be like this?” Our protest takes all kinds of forms. We complain. Criticize. Judge. Blame. You might even have a unique variation. This video looks at how our protest can actually help us heal our lives. Watch the video to find out how.

The courage it takes

Yesterday while I was at a funeral service for my partner’s father who died surrounded by love, someone confided in me about reconnecting with her parents, people she’d been estranged from for years. I marveled, with her, about the courage it takes to look for healing despite tragic circumstances. We can’t always do that. When […]

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