Spinal fog meditation

Never having led this Six Sides of the Spine variation I tried it out with my recent Living UnTriggered course participants. I’m calling it the Spinal Fog! Is it helpful to you? What do you notice in your body, mind and heart as you do it?  Leave me a comment and let me know if […]

Step by step we all get there

When we open up our longing for more, when the yearning comes up strongly we forget that the answers to the powerful questions we have arise when we listen to our heart’s longing. At the end of a recent coaching call I did with the Living UnTriggered course I could feel the power of the […]

Living Free From Triggers [Free Online Seminar Series]

Whenever I do something new, I get slightly sick to my stomach. It’s that stepping out of the comfort zone thing. Having heard from so many people over the past month (yes… 263 & counting) I responded to the push to create something to help. I both love being able to respond and support others […]

263 & Counting

What an incredibly rich experience it’s been reading everything sent in about your personal meditation experiences. Heart moving, fulfilling – even as I was reading about different kinds of suffering. I was moved to tears. Your stories, embedded with hope, perseverance, commitment, and compassion are why I think of healing trauma as a modern-day compassion […]

Contemplative movements to release and receive

Today being Independence Day in the US I decided to explore Freedom!!! In the video I’m suggesting a gentle contemplative movement to facilitate releasing and open up receiving. What kind of freedom are you reaching for? Freedom from triggered responses? Freedom to enjoy life more fully? And most importantly, does this gentle practice allow you to […]

Your PROTEST is your secret guidance system

“It shouldn’t be like this!” You’ve said that, right? I know I have (multiple times – way too many to count!) We all do. We all get upset at life, upset at how we’re treated, what someone says, the pain and suffering that we go through. Our answer to things that don’t work is encapsulated […]

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