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I can’t imagine this…..

read all the lovely chapters of Deb Koffman’s book Yeah, we all want to change. Preferably now. RIGHT NOW.  Magic wand kind of now.  When we’re overwhelmed with anxiety or depression we don’t see the benefit of each tiny moment that is happening within the larger shift in time. Yet it’s there.  It’s in learning to slow […]

What’s the World Cup got to do with Healing?

The first 15 minutes were absolutely mesmerizing. Stunning. The first goal by Carli Lloyd within minutes, followed quickly by another goal (Lloyd), a third by Holiday — and then the goal to be remembered, Carli Lloyd from midfield into the goal.  Jaw dropping.  With that Carli Lloyd completed a hat-trick, a term used in sports […]

BSE Group Brookline MA

Annie Ide is offering another *Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Group for Women *healing from trauma and attachment wounds. This *12-week psycho-educational/support group* offers the opportunity to learn skills using mindfulness & concentration practices Safely connect with others who are on a similar path towards healing and well-being; Cultivate awareness of thoughts/feelings/sensations/beliefs grounding and self-regulation, while safely […]

Geranium Project – Join In. Request Your Own Teacher Geranium

This weekend was Mother’s Day in the United States.  A day to celebrate care, care-giving, kindness of mothers.  A group of us spent two days drinking in goodness, love, kindness.  We practiced turning toward what we want instead of staying stuck in the patterns designed to give us protection.  We explored the Embodied Attachment of […]

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BSE Workshop for Professionals – Portland, ME 2013

A two day workshop on the Becoming Safely Embodied Skills will be held in Portland, Maine, March 1-2, 2013. The BSE mindfulness skill based approach is dedicated to helping clients with a traumatic or disorganized experience of life gain control over their internal world by giving structured practices they can use between therapy sessions.

Healing the Missing Link

Over the past years I’ve stumbled, almost by accident, across a missing ingredient in healing trauma and attachment wounding. Underneath the trauma reactivity and physiological arousal, underneath  repairing the attachment wounds, there’s a doorway into building a positive self-structure. As therapists we tend to overlook this, bypassing it, focusing more on the obviously distracting physiological […]

Scratch and Dent BSE Manual Sale

At a conference recently a box of 50 Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Manual was left under the table while the copies on the table went like hotcakes. The bookseller forgot that the extra box was underneath. I knew nothing of this until the box arrived at my doorstep with a big apology note. Well, the […]

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