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What to do when triggered …..

   After a life of living with shame I know it’s possible to heal. For fun, I created a “calling card” with my current status! Find out more at the Brattleboro Retreat Workshop, September 23, 2016 Recently we had some beloved family over who have a 15 year old son.  It was wonderful to see them. […]

BSE 3-week No Cost Mini-Course

The Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Course has step by step tools to untangle the distress of life to begin freeing up the distortions and turmoil that are the result of a complicated life history. These skills have been honed over many years and are now used by people throughout the world.

NASW MA Conference: Loving Our Broken Hearts

Coming in Massachusetts March 29-30, 2012  I’ll be presenting a workshop on “Loving Our Broken Hearts.”  For more information see the NASW website.  Robert Karen wrote that attachment is “a theory of love and love’s central place in human life.” Using the current information on attachment and shame, this workshop will explore the newest generation […]

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