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The wish the elders gave Elli

Elli Tholouli is a colleague in Athens, Greece who wrote this beautiful reflection after coming home from work one day.  It seemed a perfect story about Thanksgiving (our upcoming US holiday).  I asked Elli’s permission to share it with you.  And would love to hear your reflections to share with Elli. Athens, 15th November 2017 […]

Reach Out to Let Go

                Between Two Mountains | Tricycle Originally published in Tricycle Magazine, Spring 2002 For all the horror and trauma that terrorism creates, its lasting power resides in the largely irrational fear we create and then magnify with our minds. Today, statistics show that airplanes are twenty-two times safer […]

What Would Healing Look Like?

image and posting by Karen Beaumont, an organist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who has not only graciously offered to share the steps she’s taking in her healing journey but also shares the photo of Lake Michigan that she took.  Here’s her comments: I wrote a week or so ago to answer your question about the flooding […]

Belonging – Start Close In [David Whyte]

David Whyte first taught me about belonging.  In this video he brings forward the reality that as human beings we are the ones that know about being exiled.  The call of belonging, the push of not belonging is what gives us the impetus to turn toward home.  That push away from not belonging, the movement […]

Hiding [David Whyte]

  There are times when we all want to hide, sometimes its to prepare ourselves to open again, sometimes, those dreaded other times, its about dying from shame and distress.  I thought this excerpt from the poet David Whyte added perspective and context.  Hope you enjoy it as well.   HIDING is a way of […]

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