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Still Here: Caregivers and Dementia [Safe Space Radio Special]

    This hour-long special on Safe Space Radio is about the unspoken challenges of caring for a family member with dementia. The show explores the experience of ambiguous loss, where the person is both here and not here at the same time. Through stories, we explore why caregivers have such high rates of isolation […]

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Sorting out Emotions and find Calm

  ROCHESTER, Minn. — The Dalai Lama, who tirelessly preaches inner peace while chiding people for their selfish, materialistic ways, has commissioned scientists for a lofty mission: to help turn secular audiences into more self-aware, compassionate humans. That is, of course, no easy task. So the Dalai Lama ordered up something with a grand name […]

Emotional Contagion

We all know what it’s like to get struck by feelings and not be able to stop.  Here’s a video of when it can happen in a funny, loving, light hearted way. But there are other times that we talk less about and that how up more in therapy.  Like when angry lights us up […]

The Heart Grows Smarter – David Brooks

    One of my favorite opinion writers is David Brooks from the New York Times, offering thoughtful and psychologically well     informed responses to life.   Recently he wrote  The Heart Grows Smarter an exploration of the Grant Study which was a     longitudinal research tracking 268 Harvard students from 1938 throughout their lives. […]

The simple truth: a practice of gratitude helps change the way you think (and yes, it’s true, simple ain’t always easy!)

“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” ~Doris Day, American entertainer Before I started writing gratitude lists, I know that I spent most of my time in disillusionment, disappointment, resignation, bitterness and fear. I was negative by habit. And can still be if I don’t keep practicing the things that remind me that I have other […]

James Baldwin quote

  Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. – James Baldwin There’s something profound in accepting things as they are, not pushing for them to be different, to be changed.   There are things in life that can’t be changed.   People encounter this a lot when […]

The Practice of Not Taking Life Personally

  I’m learning new things about body expereince as I pass through the interest life phase of menopause.   I wake up at night with body sensations that could easily be labeled as anxiety — yet I don’t feel anxious.   Or I feel a pressure, an internal beating, a drive …toward what I don’t know.   Often […]

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