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CALM Compassion Study @ Emory

For many, though, the hard part is receiving kindness or compassion. How many times do you flinch or winch when someone says something good to you? Or maybe they offer to do a simple good thing. Do you receive gratefully or push it away?   Years ago I was at a conference where Charles Raison, […]

Neuroscience of Compassion – Tania Singer

One of the foremost researchers in compassion is Tania Singer, researcher at the Max Plank Institute of Mind Studies in Leipzig. In this video Tania gives early results from her year long study at the World Economic Forum.

Things to ponder about Self-Compassion

  If we cannot treat ourselves with kindness then it can be difficult to relate to others.  It becomes even more difficult to have compassion and empathy with strangers or those we do not like. Kristin Neff’s work on self compassion urges us to learn to treat ourselves with kindness especially in times of set backs […]

Cultivating happiness often misunderstood, says Stanford researcher

reblogged from Stanford Report, April 14, 2014 Stanford research explores the concept of maximizing happiness, and finds that pursuing concrete “giving” goals rather than abstract ones leads to greater satisfaction. By Clifton B. Parker Kolett/Shutterstock Givers are likely to experience greater happiness if they frame acts of benevolence in concrete rather than abstract terms, according […]

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What Makes a Compassionate Man?

What Makes a Compassionate Man? By Kozo Hattori | April 1, 2014 | reblogged from Greater Good Science Center What does it take to foster compassion in men? To find out, Kozo Hattori interviewed scientific and spiritual experts. I remember being a very compassionate child. While watching The Little House on the Prairie, I […]

Compassion in Daily Life – Dalai Lama

  Sometimes we misunderstand compassion as being nothing more than a feeling of pity. Compassion is much, much more. It embraces not only a feeling of closeness, but also a sense of responsibility. When you develop compassion, it will help you enormously to generate inner strength and self-confidence, and to reduce your feelings of fear […]

Testimony ….the world is still beautiful [Rebecca Baggett]

Testimony (for my daughters) I want to tell you that the world is still beautiful. I tell you that despite children raped on city streets, shot down in school rooms, despite the slow poisons seeping from old and hidden sins into our air, soil, water, despite the thinning film that encloses our aching world. Despite […]

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Learning compassion can help prevent emotional burnout – Tania Singer

Learning compassion can help prevent emotional burnout – Tania Singer

SCIENCE 12 JULY 12 by OLIVIA SOLON Training people to be compassionate rather than empathic might help to solve problems such as depression, burnout and narcissism, according to Tania Singer at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Singer is an expert in social neuroscience and investigates the neuronal, hormonal and developmental […]

Year End Compassion Gifts for You

  Holiday seasons can bring up a whole range of feelings.  For some people holidays can bring joy, others are left feeling alone and sad.  As the year comes to a close I realized my wish continues to be simple:  How can I help you in your healing journey? With that in mind I wanted to offer you something that might help […]

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