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Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation

Bob Silverstein, is a therapist in New York City that I’ve known for many years.  In the last couple years he has been using breathing meditation as a form of healing and connection.  He’s had some terrific results.  As we talked about it I invited him to write something that I could post for you […]

Taking a Moment

A few unexpected hours opened up for me this morning.   I decided to take a ride on my bike to contemplate an email I had to write.  I was churning inside, activated about what I had to say, how to say it.  I wanted to speak as clearly as I could without leaking all the […]

How To Change Habits

Charles Duhigg explains the science of habits in this exploration of how he broke his cookie habit. To see the short video he did on the subject click on this link.  He also wrote a book on the subject The Power of Habit. We’ll be looking at how we get into traumatic cycles, traumatic patterns […]

Finding Unhidableness

This guest blog is written by Ande, a dance therapist in Florida.  Her willingness to be open and transparent is part of her healing and by extension what she offers to those she works with.  A bittersweetness bubbles up from my bones as I dive deeply into my own journey of hiddenness. I watch myself […]

The Fat Trap Is Making Waves

Alice Rosen has written here on the blog before.  Click here to read her post on the Hard Heart Revisited.  When it comes to eating and weight related issues I suspect that many of us think that Manager-led eating and focusing upon weight loss is the way to go.  This is the epitome of the Diet Mentality. […]

The Magic Lamp – Deb Koffman

   If you haven’t had the absolute and joyous pleasure of interacting with the artist Deb Koffman  I encourage you to wholeheartedly and absolutely take the plunge. Her latest book, The Magic Lamp   is short, sweet, and a guide to how to use imagination to change your life.   One of the things I […]

Fra Giovanni Giocondo’s Wisdom from 1513 Still Pertinent Today

  [Fra Giovanni Giocondo (c.1435-1515) was a Renaissance pioneer, accomplished as an architect, engineer, antiquary, archaeologist, classical scholar, and Franciscan friar. Today we remember him most for his reassuring letter to Countess Allagia Aldobrandeschi on Christmas Eve, 1513.]   I salute you. I am your friend, and my love for you goes deep.  There is […]

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Give Yourself a Hoof Up?

  I met Sara a few years ago when we were both presenting at a Trauma Conference in Belfast, Ireland.  I immediately knew she was a kindred soul.   This post by Sara Willerson is about the healing work Sara does with horses. Sara B. Willerson, LCSW is a private practice therapist in Pilot Point, Texas […]

The Intelligent Heart

Research indicates what some of us know intuitively:  the heart influences our brain sending signals that can influence our perceptions, emotions, and cognitive functioning. With that in mind, it behooves us to be as attentive of the heart as we can.  Caring our heart, not just the physical heart, but also the spiritual or emotional […]

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