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The Committee of the Mind

by Thanissaro Bhikku There are many different ideas of “you” in your mind, each with its own agenda. Each of these “you’s” is a member of the committee of the mind. This is why the mind is less like a single mind and more like an unruly throng of people: lots of different voices, with […]

Internal Thread

Change can seem nebulous, always out of reach.  We yearn for things to be different yet find we can’t always figure our how to make the change happen. As I’m preparing to lead the Loving Your Broken Heart workshop in Scotland next weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about how trauma, attachment issues come together.  I’ve […]

Transformation always needs integration

  Another retreat in the past two weeks is carving out new territory in my heart.  Transitions, transformations whether positive or negative need integration. I realize that’s what’s happening to me.  I took a week of holiday after the retreat and needed the time to unplug.  I can feel the threads of something new emerging […]

Surrendering to your sorrow has the power to heal the deepest of wounds

    By Sobonfu Somé A version of this article was originally published in Alternatives Winter ’06 Issue 40 . Surrendering to your sorrow has the power to heal the deepest of wounds For many people grief is an option. Looking at my own life, I realized it is a matter of life and death. […]

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Spiritual Perspective of PTSD

  The terror that people with difficult histories experience can be seen as a spiritual break that completely disorganizes us from what should be. What gets broken with trauma is the primordial awareness that we are safe, loved, that all is okay.  Attachment theory helps us understand how  that happens at a level way before […]

Learning From a Great Yoga Teacher About Chakras

   I have had the good luck to be friends with and taught by someone who is an extrodrinary  yoga teacher.  Thomas Amelio [Shivananda] taught me about Advaita yoga in the 1980’s.  A long time monk who is now a layperson.  Currently a teacher in the New York City area you can check out his site […]

Life as Guru Leading to Transformation

There are moments when life has a will of its own. Those are not the moments I love when they happen. They are, however, the moments that have marked my ongoing evolution. I’m grateful for the years of ashram life that invited me to see everything, and everyone, as a potential teacher. Not always easy […]

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