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fuel the heart of the world runs on

I had this weird, crazy dream the other night that woke me up with a malevolent energy. In that in between world I could feel the pull to disturbing worlds. It took a conscious effort to shift into remembering another world, one in which people are sincere, authentic, committed to a path of connection and […]

The courage it takes

Yesterday while I was at a funeral service for my partner’s father who died surrounded by love, someone confided in me about reconnecting with her parents, people she’d been estranged from for years. I marveled, with her, about the courage it takes to look for healing despite tragic circumstances. We can’t always do that. When […]

Transforming Negativity Bias into Positivity Bias

None of us are alone in our proneness to be negative. That’s certainly clear when we feel vulnerable or threatened. There are so many areas of our life this can happen in. We’re afraid of loss, of bad things happening to us, to others we love, of natural disasters, of our bodies breaking down, that […]

“Primed for Goodness” ~ Graham Music

“Primed for Goodness” Are the words of attachment theorist Graham Music exploring infant research When we’re in the dumps it’s hard imagine things can ever be better. We feel trapped in the cycle of yucky, horrible, messy, never getting better.  We are, however, as Graham Music tells us, “primed for goodness” in his book Nurturing Natures […]

I can’t imagine this…..

read all the lovely chapters of Deb Koffman’s book Yeah, we all want to change. Preferably now. RIGHT NOW.  Magic wand kind of now.  When we’re overwhelmed with anxiety or depression we don’t see the benefit of each tiny moment that is happening within the larger shift in time. Yet it’s there.  It’s in learning to slow […]

Jane’s comments reveal: Seven factors that support transformation out of stuck places

Jane’s comments reveal: Six factors that support transformation out of stuck places When we suffer we’re are prone to feeling stuck, lost, isolated, hopeless that anything can change. We want things to be different yet it’s such a heavy weight to push against the tide of life. It’s been this way for so long how can I […]

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Here’s how I know we’re never stuck…..

…. it’s called, Experience Dependent Neuroplasticity This is how I know, based on the research, that we’re never stuck. Research consistently shows whatever we focus on for any period of time our brain learns and encodes. This is especially true if we’re linking thought with feelings and linger on body sensations. We’re doing this all […]

Books that promote trauma healing

“I’m wise only in that I’ve used the tragedies of my life to become a person who can guide others. … That makes an ordinary person a wise person.” Leah Chyten invites us all to see our trauma in a new way using the horror of World War II, the Jewish diaspora, and Kabbalah. I […]

When relationships blow up [this is the research that helps me]

Sometimes it happens. Relationships blow up. We get triggered and make a mess of things. That certainly happened to me recently.  I didn’t mean for it to happen (we never do, generally). The trigger snuck up on me, hijacked me and threw my friend and I into disarray. What helps navigate the turmoil? More of […]

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