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Building an Inner Platform for Success

Natalie Hill sent me a preview clip of the upcoming interview she did with me about what I call the Inner Platform of Success.  To often I’ve worked with people (and had to find out this in my own life) who reach for something and yet can’t get there. Or they get there and then […]

Your 2 Things?

Recently, in the Compassionately Healing Trauma online course I teach someone asked, “What are the two most important things that help people the most?” Here’s my response – and my request. What’s helped you?  Share your wisdom in the comment section below.

Breathing rhythm affects fear and memory

  Summary: A new study reports the rhythm of your breathing can influence neural activity that enhances memory recall and emotional judgement. reprinted from: Source: Northwestern University. Breathing is not just for oxygen; it’s now linked to brain function and behavior. Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered for the first time that the rhythm of […]

Hearing Voices in the Head – documentary

Wonderful documentary about the prevalence of hearing voices. About six to 15 percent of people hear at some time in their lives. Well over half of those who hear voices are mentally healthy and lead entirely unremarkable lives. But due to the stigma, few are willing to speak openly about their experiences. Wondering what your […]

As easy as learning to ride a bike? It takes learning, unlearning, relearning over and over

Learning to ride a backwards bike takes time to unlearn the neurobiological biases already wired.  Then shift and ride a normal bike there’s another learning undoing that has to happen. It’s also true with the healing process. Our perceptual lens has us experience the world from our Internal Working Model. We think we’re stuck, doomed […]

Chihuahua doing yoga. Mirror neurons in action

Personally, I want to believe in the cuteness factor – purely. Yet, it’s more likely that the Chihuahua is connected to its owner through mirror neuronsobserves behavior in another.  Ever had the experience of realizing you just scratched your head when someone you were talking with was scratching their head?  Well, that’s what researchers discovered […]

Belonging – Start Close In [David Whyte]

David Whyte first taught me about belonging.  In this video he brings forward the reality that as human beings we are the ones that know about being exiled.  The call of belonging, the push of not belonging is what gives us the impetus to turn toward home.  That push away from not belonging, the movement […]

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