“…major contribution that Fay has made….”


I’m thrilled to share a recent book review by an Australian magazine, PsychCritics about my new book Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation for Trauma Recovery. The review positioned the book against other trauma theorists van der Kolk, Chu, Herman, and Ogden and say I’m making a major contribution.

Here’s the highlights from the review:

“if we briefly review how Herman, van der Kolk, Chu, and Ogden have defined and outlined treating trauma, it becomes much more clear what a major contribution Fay has made.”

How’s this: “This description of changes in affect regulation, consciousness, and perception of self and others helps me to understand why Fay turns to both yoga and internal family systems for guidance in restoring the true self.”

“Fay offers a therapeutic response to this frightening and fragmenting experience by building the safe, secure space attachment theorists describe and utilizing insights from internal family systems to honor the various self states patients experience because of trauma fragmenting their minds.”

And then later, “A quick review of how each of these trauma therapists treats trauma can offer a framework for illustrating Fay’s new and integrative contributions to healing trauma.”

Pretty cool! Quite amazing to practice receiving this kind of praise.

Sending goodness,

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