Ode to Joy

Congo’s Orchestra Ode to Joy

Watching this on 60 minutes tonight my jaw dropped.  Armand, a commercial pilot whose airline went bust, started an orchestra without knowing how to read or play and instrument.  He then taught others in Kinshasha to play the violin, cello, sing, and every other instrument to fill a symphony.  This is a country where the average person makes $50/month.

Truly a marvel worth watching and letting yourself be inspired by.  I thought this is what generosity is, true generosity.  Creating out of nothing the expression of joy and love.

How often do we get hung up on what we dont have instead of generating something for the sheer pleasure of creating?

I want to remember this when I start to be disappointed or upset or worried about anything.  I have so much and I can get all wonky.  These lovely people have so much less than me but a greater capacity for making lemon out of lemonade.

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