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fuel the heart of the world runs on

I had this weird, crazy dream the other night that woke me up with a malevolent energy. In that in between world I could feel the pull to disturbing worlds. It took a conscious effort to shift into remembering another world, one in which people are sincere, authentic, committed to a path of connection and […]

Blessing Your Essential Self [Kimberly Schneider]

A shift is happening, one that holds the potential for possibilities we’ve barely imagined.

Of course, extraordinary changes, in addition to being exciting, can also be anxiety-provoking. Because your old strategies and habitual patterns don’t work the way they used to. The things you thought were true may not appear to be true anymore. And everything seems uncertain. What can you do when the person you’ve been isn’t up for navigating through a new reality?

Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism – Vaclav Havel

  Last week I had the very good fortune to spend two days with a group of therapists in Glasgow, Scotland.  Dr. Frank Corrigan invited me to spend time with them in what turns out to be an immensely nourishing experience.  Susan Marr is one of the therapists who came.  Her wisdom showered us and […]

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The simple truth: a practice of gratitude helps change the way you think (and yes, it’s true, simple ain’t always easy!)

“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” ~Doris Day, American entertainer Before I started writing gratitude lists, I know that I spent most of my time in disillusionment, disappointment, resignation, bitterness and fear. I was negative by habit. And can still be if I don’t keep practicing the things that remind me that I have other […]

Ode to Joy

Congo’s Orchestra Ode to Joy Watching this on 60 minutes tonight my jaw dropped.  Armand, a commercial pilot whose airline went bust, started an orchestra without knowing how to read or play and instrument.  He then taught others in Kinshasha to play the violin, cello, sing, and every other instrument to fill a symphony.  This […]

Finding Unhidableness

This guest blog is written by Ande, a dance therapist in Florida.  Her willingness to be open and transparent is part of her healing and by extension what she offers to those she works with.  A bittersweetness bubbles up from my bones as I dive deeply into my own journey of hiddenness. I watch myself […]

Life Means Longing

The following quote is from the Spirit of Sufi Culture, Akbat Ashram Tract No 12 by AH Jaisinghani.   It’s a tuning fork for our soul, urging us to cultivate our longing so that we can find our way home, home to our heart and our soul.  May the words open your heart to long for who you are.  […]

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