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The Science of Stress, Heart Rate and Breathing

The Science of Stress, Heart Rate and Breathing

reblogged from Basis website  http://www.mybasis.com/blog/2013/10/the-science-of-stress-heart-rate-and-breathing/   Breathing can be complicated for people with traumatic activation which is why we often have to adapt breathing exercises for people and not just do the standard “take a deep breath” diaphragmatic breathing.  At the same time I thought this blog post would provide valuable information for you.  Throughout the […]

Six Sides of the Breath

When people have had a difficult life they get used to shortening and contracting their breath. The breath can get tangled up in the whole slew of thoughts and feelings and reactions to others that are going on almost constantly. It can be hard to turn the attention inside to notice the breath – right […]

How to Pattern-Interruptus

Maybe it’s the day?  Maybe it’s because I have the Becoming Safely Attached curriculum on my mind but all week I have been interacting with people about the patterns that dictate the course of their lives. In fact, I literally just got off the phone.  A wonderful, delightful, engaging woman called wanting to find out […]

Following the Breath

The instructions are always simple in meditation: follow the breath. Breathe in, breathe out.  How simple it sounds.  And yet after a busy day how hard it is to do.  I realize how much I am trying to breathe rather then letting the breath breathe in and out of me.  It’s a simple distinction yet I always […]

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