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Why bother? What’s the point of all this?

   Her shoulders hunched.  Eyes downcast.  Despite being a highly confident professional her dejection rolled off her in waves.  Encrusted with shame she couldn’t make eye contact with me or stop the words that burst out, “What’s the point….?  Why bother….?”  Every person with a difficult history has said these words at one time or […]

[Article] Growing Self-Compassion = Less Reactivity and

  Compassion always sounds like a good idea yet when we’re in the dumps it seems a looooong way away from.  Unattainable, almost. I’m mulling this around especially since leading a Mindful Self-Compassion course with Cecilia Fernandez-Hall, especially since people always want to know what helps them heal.  Really the question is, often unspoken but […]

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