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What’s the World Cup got to do with Healing?

The first 15 minutes were absolutely mesmerizing. Stunning. The first goal by Carli Lloyd within minutes, followed quickly by another goal (Lloyd), a third by Holiday — and then the goal to be remembered, Carli Lloyd from midfield into the goal.  Jaw dropping.  With that Carli Lloyd completed a hat-trick, a term used in sports […]

Is There A Miracle Cure?

Is there a Miracle Cure? Well, at least I haven’t found it yet.  There is, however, the possibility of a miracle. It’s called “neuroplasticity.” What we practice carves out a path inside us.   It’s sort of like the Grand Canyon.   Have you ever seen it or any other arroryo/canyon in the southwest? Incredible how […]

NASW MA Conference: Loving Our Broken Hearts

Coming in Massachusetts March 29-30, 2012  I’ll be presenting a workshop on “Loving Our Broken Hearts.”  For more information see the NASW website.  Robert Karen wrote that attachment is “a theory of love and love’s central place in human life.” Using the current information on attachment and shame, this workshop will explore the newest generation […]

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