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Wizarding World & Healing

I’m not a big fan of theme parks, but that changed when I had the chance to take my 12 year old niece to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. We entered a brilliantly created magical world, complete with interactive wands to practice spells. Healing requires a similar immersion, a shift from one world to another. When […]

Glasgow, Scotland Workshops – April 2016

Glasgow, Scotland Workshops – April 2016

Organizing the Disorganized Inner World: Deepening embodiment training integrating attachment theory and BSE skills Even well-functioning people can suffer from a disorganized inner world never having learned the basic building blocks of a solid, secure sense of self. This two-day training builds on the basic Becoming Safely Embodied Skills using embodied attachment theory to deepen […]

Learning to read the heart guidebook

      Getting free from the debris of a trauma and attachment history requires a rather extreme re-orientation. We have to shift our habitual orientation of looking outside of ourselves for the answer, for ways to fill ourselves up. The answers out there, right? So many of us have been trained to think that […]

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