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Courageous Conversations Continued

I was writing the ezine for this month, calling it Courageous Conversations after being inspired by Patricia Geller, my friend, colleague, supervisor.  I didn’t realize how quickly life would conspire to get me to practice — or have the practice happen around me. Frankly, the story I’m about to write is less about me.  My […]

How to Pattern-Interruptus

Maybe it’s the day?  Maybe it’s because I have the Becoming Safely Attached curriculum on my mind but all week I have been interacting with people about the patterns that dictate the course of their lives. In fact, I literally just got off the phone.  A wonderful, delightful, engaging woman called wanting to find out […]

Ever Tried To Change a Habit?

Recently I changed around how I stored clothes in my bedroom.  Don’t ask me why?  Who knows what moves me/us to unclutter/declutter?  […hint, if you want some tips check out Sue Rasmussen who truly is a Declutter Diva]  Okay.  I stray.  Partly I stray because decluttering is hard, both in time and in all the fears […]

Questions Answered: Becoming Safely Embodied Course

Last night I sent out an email to those of you who have purchased something from me in the past.  Because of your support I wanted you to be the first to know about the Becoming Safely Embodied Teleseminar Course that is starting in October (date still to be decided.)  I’m honored by your response […]

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