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Belonging – Start Close In [David Whyte]

David Whyte first taught me about belonging.  In this video he brings forward the reality that as human beings we are the ones that know about being exiled.  The call of belonging, the push of not belonging is what gives us the impetus to turn toward home.  That push away from not belonging, the movement […]

Hiding [David Whyte]

  There are times when we all want to hide, sometimes its to prepare ourselves to open again, sometimes, those dreaded other times, its about dying from shame and distress.  I thought this excerpt from the poet David Whyte added perspective and context.  Hope you enjoy it as well.   HIDING is a way of […]


Belonging. One of my coaching clients mentioned it today. Was it just that I was listening for it? I’d been thinking about it for weeks now. Is that why the topic showed up? Or is it just that much more present in the world than I had thought? My client spoke of needing to find something to belong to. […]

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