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Meditation…. why bother?

We all know that meditation is supposed to be good for us. And if we’ve tried it, and even if we have a long term practice, we realize meditation isn’t the simplest thing to do.  Our brain is tricky, as Paul Gilbert often says! So why bother?  Recently I read a study by a team […]

[June 3, 2012] Radical Open Heart

To live with an open heart sounds like a lovely way to live, doesn’t it?  It’s something I’ve been inching my way toward.   Keeping our hearts open is an easy thing to say, a harder thing to do. This last month,  after having been on the first of 4 retreats I’ll do in the next […]

Spiritual Perspective of PTSD

  The terror that people with difficult histories experience can be seen as a spiritual break that completely disorganizes us from what should be. What gets broken with trauma is the primordial awareness that we are safe, loved, that all is okay.  Attachment theory helps us understand how  that happens at a level way before […]

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