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Attach and Give Your Brain a Break – Jon Allen

Complex as they may be, the gist of the findings is elegant and important: the more the woman was on her own while she was feeling threatened, the greater the number of brain areas showing elevated activity. The brain was least active when the woman was holding her husband’s hand and most active when she had no hand to hold. Moreover, even though all couples had a good relationship, the women who were in a less satisfying relationship showed more elevated brain activity when holding their husband’s hand than those who were in a more satisfying relationship.

Neuroscience of Compassion – Tania Singer

One of the foremost researchers in compassion is Tania Singer, researcher at the Max Plank Institute of Mind Studies in Leipzig. In this video Tania gives early results from her year long study at the World Economic Forum.

What is mindfulness? Contemporary psychology and traditional perspectives – Malcolm Huxter

This wonderful video teaching is done by a terrific Australian colleague Malcom Huxter who was a Buddhist monk in the Theravadan tradition.  I’ve been fortunate to have read some of his writings and heard his audio teachings.  Mal is clear in his application of meditation to contemporary psychotherapy.  We’re lucky that he’s shared his video […]

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