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I’m still not fixed!

    Over the years I’ve had clients mad at me, wanting me to “fix” them, or certainly to fix the problem.  I know very well what they have meant.  I understand the sentiment. Agggg.  Wish that I could. This morning I went for a long bike ride. It’s one of the ways I maintain […]

Courageous Conversations Continued

I was writing the ezine for this month, calling it Courageous Conversations after being inspired by Patricia Geller, my friend, colleague, supervisor.  I didn’t realize how quickly life would conspire to get me to practice — or have the practice happen around me. Frankly, the story I’m about to write is less about me.  My […]

How to Pattern-Interruptus

Maybe it’s the day?  Maybe it’s because I have the Becoming Safely Attached curriculum on my mind but all week I have been interacting with people about the patterns that dictate the course of their lives. In fact, I literally just got off the phone.  A wonderful, delightful, engaging woman called wanting to find out […]

Transforming Paralysis and Tragedy into Yoga: Matthew Sanford

(Today’s blog post is contributed by Anne Hallward, that many of you might know as “Dr. Anne from Safe Space Radio.”  She recently did an interview with Matthew Sanford and wanted to spread the word of his incredible wisdom.)I want to introduce you to someone I think will be a joy for you to know […]

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Ever Tried To Change a Habit?

Recently I changed around how I stored clothes in my bedroom.  Don’t ask me why?  Who knows what moves me/us to unclutter/declutter?  […hint, if you want some tips check out Sue Rasmussen who truly is a Declutter Diva]  Okay.  I stray.  Partly I stray because decluttering is hard, both in time and in all the fears […]

Yes, We Can! Great gosh Almighty we can

Years ago, a millenium ago, I worked in the advertising world.  I had the good fortune of going to some pretty good parties in that time.   The Pointer Sisters came to one of the parties and performed live.   Those memories came flooding back when Gisela sent me this video: Watching it reminded me of the incredibly […]

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