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Your 2 Things?

Recently, in the Compassionately Healing Trauma online course I teach someone asked, “What are the two most important things that help people the most?” Here’s my response – and my request. What’s helped you?  Share your wisdom in the comment section below.

Shame is a developmental wound

Below is an excerpt from my book coming out in January, 2017 from Norton Publishing. To attend a day long workshop @Brattleboro Retreat September 23 click here ”Those god-awful moments of shame take over in a nanosecond. Anyone who has had the experience of shame can recall the acute experience, the physiological horror of wanting […]

The Attachment Bind

I explore this Inside/Outside split with people I work with inviting them to explore something with me instead of staying with it alone inside.  I ask them, “Can you tolerate me visiting you in the deepest reaches of your pain?”   “Can you tolerate seeing and knowing and feeling how life has shaped you?” “Can you send […]

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