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What’s the World Cup got to do with Healing?

The first 15 minutes were absolutely mesmerizing. Stunning. The first goal by Carli Lloyd within minutes, followed quickly by another goal (Lloyd), a third by Holiday — and then the goal to be remembered, Carli Lloyd from midfield into the goal.  Jaw dropping.  With that Carli Lloyd completed a hat-trick, a term used in sports […]

Reach Out to Let Go

                Between Two Mountains | Tricycle Originally published in Tricycle Magazine, Spring 2002 For all the horror and trauma that terrorism creates, its lasting power resides in the largely irrational fear we create and then magnify with our minds. Today, statistics show that airplanes are twenty-two times safer […]

It was these that whispered Metta to me

It was these that whispered Metta to me

(photo I took in Pompeii of an angel frescoed into eternity)   One of the people in the Embodied Practices sent me the following note and wasn’t sure that it was “suitable for the blog.”  After reading it I was certain it was! I found her experience to be moving and compelling.  With her permission I […]

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