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Kindness can protect you….

Research indicates positive emotions like kindness build physical health, slowing down the aging process, lowering inflammation and free radicals although how this works continues to be a mystery.  This research study had participants practice metta or loving kindness meditation to self-generate positive emotions through the twisting path of the vagus nerve which regulates heart rate changes […]

Self-Compassion Break

  Okay, this is  suffering Other people feel this way.  May I be kind.  May we all be kind. Simple words.  I know.  Yet as we practice them over and over and over again we begin to cultivate self-compassion. Meditation teacher and psychologist Chris Germer suggests we do this practice multiple times a day. Any time there’s […]

Remembering Self-Compassion

Tara Brach was one of the keynote speakers at the Networker Conference I attended this past week in Washington, DC.  Tara’s simple message of kindness and compassion for ourselves moved all of us listening into our hearts, reminding us of our true nature. to read an article by Barbara Frederickson on “Your Phone vs. Your […]

It was these that whispered Metta to me

It was these that whispered Metta to me

(photo I took in Pompeii of an angel frescoed into eternity)   One of the people in the Embodied Practices sent me the following note and wasn’t sure that it was “suitable for the blog.”  After reading it I was certain it was! I found her experience to be moving and compelling.  With her permission I […]

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