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Geranium Project – Join In. Request Your Own Teacher Geranium

This weekend was Mother’s Day in the United States.  A day to celebrate care, care-giving, kindness of mothers.  A group of us spent two days drinking in goodness, love, kindness.  We practiced turning toward what we want instead of staying stuck in the patterns designed to give us protection.  We explored the Embodied Attachment of […]

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Courageous Conversations Continued

I was writing the ezine for this month, calling it Courageous Conversations after being inspired by Patricia Geller, my friend, colleague, supervisor.  I didn’t realize how quickly life would conspire to get me to practice — or have the practice happen around me. Frankly, the story I’m about to write is less about me.  My […]

More Pattern Interruptus

Odd, isn’t it? I just had the fourth conversation with a client who wants to leave their therapist.  I need to consult with an astrology to find out if there’s something going on in the astral plane.  (Here’s the link for the last blog post I did on Pattern-Interruptus.) Of the four people it seemed […]

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