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Pixar’s Animated Movie: Inside Out

  The vibrant Internal Family Systems community organized a pre-screening of Pixar’s animated movie Inside Out which was great fun to see with colleagues.  Set in the mind of an 11 year old girl Inside Out explores  the voices in our heads. It’s based on part on the research of Paul Ekman on emotions.  Delightful, touching — […]

I Am Loving You

  Over the weekend I was attending a workshop given by Allan Schore in Portland, Maine.  Deb Dana was the person who has organized Allan’s workshop and had it in this beautiful location.   I loved the bathrooms that had wall-to-wall blackboards, although it was a bit unsettling to find one cabana (aka “stall”) with the […]

BSE 3-week No Cost Mini-Course

The Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Course has step by step tools to untangle the distress of life to begin freeing up the distortions and turmoil that are the result of a complicated life history. These skills have been honed over many years and are now used by people throughout the world.

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