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Me and Rick Hanson? Wow

When I saw this flyer I wrote Chris Germer who had invited me to speak at the Harvard conference on Meditation and Psychotherapy. “Wow. I don’t know if I should thank you or what. You’ve got me speaking after Rick Hanson!”   It’s truly an honor. And I’m practicing all the skills I have and […]

[Article] Growing Self-Compassion = Less Reactivity and

  Compassion always sounds like a good idea yet when we’re in the dumps it seems a looooong way away from.  Unattainable, almost. I’m mulling this around especially since leading a Mindful Self-Compassion course with Cecilia Fernandez-Hall, especially since people always want to know what helps them heal.  Really the question is, often unspoken but […]

Self-Compassion Break

  Okay, this is  suffering Other people feel this way.  May I be kind.  May we all be kind. Simple words.  I know.  Yet as we practice them over and over and over again we begin to cultivate self-compassion. Meditation teacher and psychologist Chris Germer suggests we do this practice multiple times a day. Any time there’s […]

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