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CALM Compassion Study @ Emory

For many, though, the hard part is receiving kindness or compassion. How many times do you flinch or winch when someone says something good to you? Or maybe they offer to do a simple good thing. Do you receive gratefully or push it away?   Years ago I was at a conference where Charles Raison, […]

Compassion in Daily Life – Dalai Lama

  Sometimes we misunderstand compassion as being nothing more than a feeling of pity. Compassion is much, much more. It embraces not only a feeling of closeness, but also a sense of responsibility. When you develop compassion, it will help you enormously to generate inner strength and self-confidence, and to reduce your feelings of fear […]

[Article] Growing Your Heart

You know those days when you feel a bit (or a lot) downtrodden?) Maybe you just want to curl up in bed and shut the world out. Or perhaps when someone suggests something positive all you want to do is tell them to “S… up!” We all know those states of being and respond (or react) with a wide range of strategies. To shift those patterns we need to have a new practice to put in place.

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