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Getting Unstuck – ver 311

Thanks to the beautiful watercolor by the artist Kristin Malin from Georgetown, Maine So many people, including my very humble self, can find ourselves getting caught in cycles of feeling stuck, frustrated when we can’t seem to change things inside or outside us. Actually the truthful statement is that we don’t “feel” stuck.  When we’re […]

Internal Thread

Change can seem nebulous, always out of reach.  We yearn for things to be different yet find we can’t always figure our how to make the change happen. As I’m preparing to lead the Loving Your Broken Heart workshop in Scotland next weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about how trauma, attachment issues come together.  I’ve […]

[ezine] Master Keys of Healing

    There are many ways to journey our way to healing. The road is rather well marked, at least psychologically at this point. We’ve had some incredible minds and hearts attending to this complicated subject over the past twenty five years. Yet many people still flounder.  I still do.    I’m just better now […]

Transformation always needs integration

  Another retreat in the past two weeks is carving out new territory in my heart.  Transitions, transformations whether positive or negative need integration. I realize that’s what’s happening to me.  I took a week of holiday after the retreat and needed the time to unplug.  I can feel the threads of something new emerging […]

Call with Colleen Byrnes on 2012

Colleen Byrnes   2012 is joining us, inviting us to shift and change, at least that’s what the Mayan calendar tells us. Some hold to a catastrophic forecast and there are those that say that the turbulence we’re in is preparing us to evolve into more consciousness. Of course, I always lean toward bringing in […]

James Baldwin quote

  Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. – James Baldwin There’s something profound in accepting things as they are, not pushing for them to be different, to be changed.   There are things in life that can’t be changed.   People encounter this a lot when […]

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