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Different Kinds of Empathy

  In the latest Embodied Practices group we started exploring the distinctions between compassion, self-compassion, and empathy.  Where are they the same?  Where are they different?   Here’s a start to the conversation exploring the differences Daniel Goldman makes.  His three categories are: cognitive empathy emotional empathy empathic concern Cognitive empathy allows us to understand […]

Really. We can rewire our brains.

reblogged from  Inside The Brain You know all those times when you doubted things could change?  When you felt stuck?  Well, all those times we stay ruminating, cogitating, speculating, cranky about where we are — all that time we spend in those ways of thinking actually make it harder to get out of those spots. […]

It was these that whispered Metta to me

It was these that whispered Metta to me

(photo I took in Pompeii of an angel frescoed into eternity)   One of the people in the Embodied Practices sent me the following note and wasn’t sure that it was “suitable for the blog.”  After reading it I was certain it was! I found her experience to be moving and compelling.  With her permission I […]

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