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What’s the World Cup got to do with Healing?

The first 15 minutes were absolutely mesmerizing. Stunning. The first goal by Carli Lloyd within minutes, followed quickly by another goal (Lloyd), a third by Holiday — and then the goal to be remembered, Carli Lloyd from midfield into the goal.  Jaw dropping.  With that Carli Lloyd completed a hat-trick, a term used in sports […]

Is There A Miracle Cure?

Is there a Miracle Cure? Well, at least I haven’t found it yet.  There is, however, the possibility of a miracle. It’s called “neuroplasticity.” What we practice carves out a path inside us.   It’s sort of like the Grand Canyon.   Have you ever seen it or any other arroryo/canyon in the southwest? Incredible how […]

Living Beyond Anger, Living With Love

  (My colleague Andrea Brand PhD in Las Angeles  offers workshops that are similar to the kinds of work I do.  I love Andrea’s approach to living and loving and healing.  Last year I let people know about her workshop and before anyone could click over to her website it was filled up!  If you’re interested here’s some information below or  […]

How to Pattern-Interruptus

Maybe it’s the day?  Maybe it’s because I have the Becoming Safely Attached curriculum on my mind but all week I have been interacting with people about the patterns that dictate the course of their lives. In fact, I literally just got off the phone.  A wonderful, delightful, engaging woman called wanting to find out […]

Transforming Paralysis and Tragedy into Yoga: Matthew Sanford

(Today’s blog post is contributed by Anne Hallward, that many of you might know as “Dr. Anne from Safe Space Radio.”  She recently did an interview with Matthew Sanford and wanted to spread the word of his incredible wisdom.)I want to introduce you to someone I think will be a joy for you to know […]

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Photos contributed by Jane

How wonderful to see this sign – sent by Jane who visited the Bay area.  Lots of ways to interpret the message — all of them perfect. and yet another from the Bay area.  Thank you, Jane.  It’s good to pay homage to the quest for all to be free.

Interrupting our destructive emotions

Every courageous gesture we make, whether or not we think it’s successful, definitely imprints our mind in a positive way.  The slightest willingness to interrupt our old habits predisposes us to greater bravery, greater strength, and greater empathy for others.  No matter how trapped we feel, we can always be of benefit.  How?  By interrupting […]

Avatar in the healing of trauma

Avatar in the healing of trauma

What a way to start out the New Year — or this new decade — by seeing Avatar. I saw it on New Year’s Eve. It completely opened up my world. It was like I popped by head outside the Cosmic Egg (a la Joseph Chilton Pearce) into a rich, vibrant, dynamic world that was […]

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