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Courageous Conversations

  I’m learning, now that I’m in my 50’s, how to have hard conversations with others without cringing in shame or getting so rattled that I lose my frame of reference. I was thinking of this last week as I talked with my friend and colleague, Patricia Geller who I see for consultation as she’s […]

Putting Practice Into Real Life

  Okay.  I’ve been thinking about writing about this for over a week.  I kept wondering why I was resisting.  Was it that I was ashamed to tell you how very human I am?  How much little things can bug me?  Or was it that I didn’t want to deal with what was in front […]

Imagine triggers no longer triggering

I know that feels like a bit of a stretch:  PTSD triggers not making life unbearable for hours and days on end?  Wow.  Could that really be true? Yes.  Yes, it’s true, it’s possible. We do not have to feel stuck, helpless in our negative triggered responses.  We start making the shift when begin to […]

Following the Breath

The instructions are always simple in meditation: follow the breath. Breathe in, breathe out.  How simple it sounds.  And yet after a busy day how hard it is to do.  I realize how much I am trying to breathe rather then letting the breath breathe in and out of me.  It’s a simple distinction yet I always […]

This Precious Moment

  A nightmare woke me. I have them rarely at this point in my life (thank goodness.) But this horrid dream was with me, lingering. I felt myself at odds, disrupted, not wanting to sleep, afraid I would reinhabit that world. Rattled I could think of nothing to do, so I sat and watched the […]

We Can Change

I’m doing a lot of reading and learning as I prepare to bring the Becoming Safely Embodied Skills into an online format.  In the last few years I have been fascinated with the new thinking and research on brain development and neuroplasticity.  Huh?  Basically that means that the brain can change – we can change. What […]

Attachment is coming

It’s in attachment theory that I have found the psychological basis for what I’ve already known professionally.  The last two years I have studied with Daniel Brown, PhD to understand the incredibly rich material of attachment that John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth developed. This week I’m at Sue Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy for couples, exploring […]

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