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As easy as learning to ride a bike? It takes learning, unlearning, relearning over and over

Learning to ride a backwards bike takes time to unlearn the neurobiological biases already wired.  Then shift and ride a normal bike there’s another learning undoing that has to happen. It’s also true with the healing process. Our perceptual lens has us experience the world from our Internal Working Model. We think we’re stuck, doomed […]

LifeForce Yoga: Awaken Your Inner Pharmacy

Here’s a chance to learn about LifeForce Yoga as a way to manage moods and learn techniques to support yourself, your students, and your clients. I’ve known Amy Weintraub for well over twenty years and taken many classes with her. Her skill as a teacher is well known. Amy’s integration of psychological theory with ancient techniques is woven into her LifeForce Yoga and is the subject of her upcoming book Yoga Skills for Therapists. [to read more….]

Vaporize Your Anxiety

As soon as I got notice about this workshop in the Boston area I had to let you all know.  The title alone is worth the price of admission!   The Center for Intentional Living is run by Charlie Verge who I have tremendous respect for.    (I didn’t quite have a photo for vapor; the closest […]

Courageous Conversations Continued

I was writing the ezine for this month, calling it Courageous Conversations after being inspired by Patricia Geller, my friend, colleague, supervisor.  I didn’t realize how quickly life would conspire to get me to practice — or have the practice happen around me. Frankly, the story I’m about to write is less about me.  My […]

More Pattern Interruptus

Odd, isn’t it? I just had the fourth conversation with a client who wants to leave their therapist.  I need to consult with an astrology to find out if there’s something going on in the astral plane.  (Here’s the link for the last blog post I did on Pattern-Interruptus.) Of the four people it seemed […]

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