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Spirituality? in the Becoming Safely Embodied manual

I thought long and hard about including the word spirituality in the Becoming Safely Embodied Manual. I use it when I speak with individual clients, and with groups of clients or therapists, yet I found myself pausing as I included it in the manual. I wanted to be respectful to those people who have been hurt by others using the terms, “spirituality” or “religion,” with ulterior motives. At the same time, I didn’t want to sacrifice my deepest intentions. Perhaps you might find it helpful if I clarify the way in which I use the word “spirituality,” so as to avoid confusion as you read further.

Spirituality, for the purposes of this manual, speaks to the underlying goodness, kindness, and compassion that we find in each other when our defenses soften. I personally have found the eastern traditions helpful in holding this non-religious frame, and I will sometimes speak directly from that experience. But I whole-heartedly acknowledge that others will have different references that work just as well (or better) for them.

Poem “I Am Here”

A couple months ago Michelle R wrote me about some poetry she’d been writing in the midst of a transformational cauldron in her life.  She wanted to send it on to me.  Of course I wanted to read it!  I loved it and asked her permission to share it with you.  With her permission here’s […]

Scratch and Dent BSE Manual Sale

At a conference recently a box of 50 Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Manual was left under the table while the copies on the table went like hotcakes. The bookseller forgot that the extra box was underneath. I knew nothing of this until the box arrived at my doorstep with a big apology note. Well, the […]

Instruction Manual for Flourishing

Some things are easy to figure out. We know when we get a new gadget how to put the batteries in. We have the basics on how to do a lot of things on the computer. We no longer need instructions on how to get out of the chair and walk around.
But when it comes to our lives it doesn’t always feel that easy. Certainly isn’t that simple. Things don’t always make sense. We’re confused by how people respond to us.

The Becoming Safely Embodied Skills are one way to have an instruction manual.

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