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3 Days To Go!

I have been on retreat — and suddenly realized, Goodness! The book comes out in 3 days!!!  Jeepers. People have been incredibly supportive. Some received their copies having bought directly from the publisher, W.W. Norton. My friend and colleague, Kristen, from Sweden posted her comments on Facebook. I shared her comment on the video. If […]

What is mindfulness? Contemporary psychology and traditional perspectives – Malcolm Huxter

This wonderful video teaching is done by a terrific Australian colleague Malcom Huxter who was a Buddhist monk in the Theravadan tradition.  I’ve been fortunate to have read some of his writings and heard his audio teachings.  Mal is clear in his application of meditation to contemporary psychotherapy.  We’re lucky that he’s shared his video […]

Learning to read the heart guidebook

      Getting free from the debris of a trauma and attachment history requires a rather extreme re-orientation. We have to shift our habitual orientation of looking outside of ourselves for the answer, for ways to fill ourselves up. The answers out there, right? So many of us have been trained to think that […]

Lessons from a Tornado

Content in the post contributed by “Awakening” a frequent commentator on the blog.  I added the flowers.  We all need beauty when life is hard.   None of us are immune from disasters and difficulties. There seem to be times in life when the difficulties are on the “humungous” side.  The natural disasters that have […]


I came back from teaching a workshop in Ireland to hear, and see, the devastation one single tornado brought to Joplin, Missouri.  I thought of Japan and the devastation there.  I felt in my body the impulse to block all this suffering out.  What is there to do?  Give money, yes.  I felt the helplessness […]

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