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What makes a good trauma therapist?

  Monday I got an email from someone I respect very much asking me for some referrals.  One of his questions was, “What makes a good trauma therapist?” Good, good, good question.  An important one. Here’s the list I came up with.  I’m wondering what you think and if I’ve covered it all. What would […]

Breathing meditation helps military vets with PTSD – Stanford study

Breathing meditation helps military vets with PTSD – Stanford study

  reposted from meditation-helps-ptsd-090514    Stanford scholar helps veterans recover from war trauma Newly published research by Stanford scholar Emma Seppala shows how meditation and breathing exercises can help military veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder. By Clifton B. Parker Breathing meditation is a powerful ally for military veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according […]

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Six Sides of the Breath

When people have had a difficult life they get used to shortening and contracting their breath. The breath can get tangled up in the whole slew of thoughts and feelings and reactions to others that are going on almost constantly. It can be hard to turn the attention inside to notice the breath – right […]

Befriending Your Triggered Body

One of the most painful possibilities for trauma survivors is to be triggered — to go from living in this body, in this experience, in this present moment, to suddenly finding yourself catapulted into fear, terror, numbness, or panic. What might have felt steady now feels enormously disruptive. It can seem like being thrown into […]

Transforming Paralysis and Tragedy into Yoga: Matthew Sanford

(Today’s blog post is contributed by Anne Hallward, that many of you might know as “Dr. Anne from Safe Space Radio.”  She recently did an interview with Matthew Sanford and wanted to spread the word of his incredible wisdom.)I want to introduce you to someone I think will be a joy for you to know […]

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Intricate Beauty Comes From Dedication and Patience

Joyce Growing Thunder Fogarty is part of a lineage of Native American beaders that show every year at Indian Market in Santa Fe.  Her dress (shown) took her ten months to create.   That’s ten months of 16 hour days.  Her mother, Juanita and her daughter, Jessica, helped her create the final dress that was shown at The National Museum of American […]

Interrupting our destructive emotions

Every courageous gesture we make, whether or not we think it’s successful, definitely imprints our mind in a positive way.  The slightest willingness to interrupt our old habits predisposes us to greater bravery, greater strength, and greater empathy for others.  No matter how trapped we feel, we can always be of benefit.  How?  By interrupting […]

This Precious Moment

  A nightmare woke me. I have them rarely at this point in my life (thank goodness.) But this horrid dream was with me, lingering. I felt myself at odds, disrupted, not wanting to sleep, afraid I would reinhabit that world. Rattled I could think of nothing to do, so I sat and watched the […]

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