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3 Days To Go!

I have been on retreat — and suddenly realized, Goodness! The book comes out in 3 days!!!  Jeepers. People have been incredibly supportive. Some received their copies having bought directly from the publisher, W.W. Norton. My friend and colleague, Kristen, from Sweden posted her comments on Facebook. I shared her comment on the video. If […]

Different Kinds of Empathy

  In the latest Embodied Practices group we started exploring the distinctions between compassion, self-compassion, and empathy.  Where are they the same?  Where are they different?   Here’s a start to the conversation exploring the differences Daniel Goldman makes.  His three categories are: cognitive empathy emotional empathy empathic concern Cognitive empathy allows us to understand […]

I Am Loving You

  Over the weekend I was attending a workshop given by Allan Schore in Portland, Maine.  Deb Dana was the person who has organized Allan’s workshop and had it in this beautiful location.   I loved the bathrooms that had wall-to-wall blackboards, although it was a bit unsettling to find one cabana (aka “stall”) with the […]

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