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3 Days To Go!

I have been on retreat — and suddenly realized, Goodness! The book comes out in 3 days!!!  Jeepers. People have been incredibly supportive. Some received their copies having bought directly from the publisher, W.W. Norton. My friend and colleague, Kristen, from Sweden posted her comments on Facebook. I shared her comment on the video. If […]

Shame is a developmental wound

Below is an excerpt from my book coming out in January, 2017 from Norton Publishing. To attend a day long workshop @Brattleboro Retreat September 23 click here ”Those god-awful moments of shame take over in a nanosecond. Anyone who has had the experience of shame can recall the acute experience, the physiological horror of wanting […]

Research: Using Virtual Reality to Embody Compassion

Are you a gamer?  Maybe you like solitaire or mahjong or tetris or bejeweled?  Or maybe you like to immerse yourself in some of the more elaborate stories and games developed by the billion dollar game industry. Research has also shown that how we represent the body in our minds is extremely plastic – meaning […]

Reach Out to Let Go

                Between Two Mountains | Tricycle Originally published in Tricycle Magazine, Spring 2002 For all the horror and trauma that terrorism creates, its lasting power resides in the largely irrational fear we create and then magnify with our minds. Today, statistics show that airplanes are twenty-two times safer […]

As easy as learning to ride a bike? It takes learning, unlearning, relearning over and over

Learning to ride a backwards bike takes time to unlearn the neurobiological biases already wired.  Then shift and ride a normal bike there’s another learning undoing that has to happen. It’s also true with the healing process. Our perceptual lens has us experience the world from our Internal Working Model. We think we’re stuck, doomed […]

Amy Weintraub’s 2015 KYTA Keynote

Simple Practices to start the New Year off right:  Lesson’s learned from Amy Weintraub and LifeForce Yoga   The new calendar rolls around.  Time to make some changes, right?  Well, here are some helpful practices that I’ve learned from Amy Weintraub one of my main yoga teachers over the past 30 years. Finding Your True […]

Breathing meditation helps military vets with PTSD – Stanford study

Breathing meditation helps military vets with PTSD – Stanford study

  reposted from meditation-helps-ptsd-090514    Stanford scholar helps veterans recover from war trauma Newly published research by Stanford scholar Emma Seppala shows how meditation and breathing exercises can help military veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder. By Clifton B. Parker Breathing meditation is a powerful ally for military veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according […]

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Chihuahua doing yoga. Mirror neurons in action

Personally, I want to believe in the cuteness factor – purely. Yet, it’s more likely that the Chihuahua is connected to its owner through mirror neuronsobserves behavior in another.  Ever had the experience of realizing you just scratched your head when someone you were talking with was scratching their head?  Well, that’s what researchers discovered […]

Explore the Yogic Path of Integration and Healing – Thomas Amelio/Shivanand

 This is a workshop for people who want to explore how yoga can help you integrate, heal and increase your capacity for a full-hearted way of being,  despite any – and all – complications life hurtles at you.   In this workshop you’ll get a taste of how the psychology of Yoga can make a difference in your every […]

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Learning to read the heart guidebook

      Getting free from the debris of a trauma and attachment history requires a rather extreme re-orientation. We have to shift our habitual orientation of looking outside of ourselves for the answer, for ways to fill ourselves up. The answers out there, right? So many of us have been trained to think that […]

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